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How I design my patterns!

Have you ever wondered what tools pattern writers use? Are you interested in learning the industry standard for design and pattern writing?

I want to share with you how I got here! I have always been obsessed with pattern design. When I was young and dancing in a professional ballet school, I learned first hand how costumes can transform a dancer and choreography into pure magic. I spent hours in the costume wardrobe in awe of how people could take fabric and turn it into such a spectacular costumes! My grandmother who owned a sewing business and fabric store and designed wedding dresses - taught me how to design! She taught me first on dolls and later on people! As I grew older with more experience of drawing, designing and sewing costumes, I caught the QUILT BUG! How brilliant it is to cut pieces of fabric and put them together to make beautiful works of art! This is how my passion and design journey began, but I did not yet have the tools to write professional patterns.

Today, I use MANY tools when I design patterns, but I wanted to tell you about a FREE Mini Course that my friend and mentor - Bonnie Christine is offering!


Create a Career in Surface Pattern Design

February 8th - 16th

You might be asking - what is surface pattern design? It is basically drawing patterns that have a seamless repeat so you can print them on fabric and products! This path truly changed my life and is the reason I am sharing this with you right now. I rarely affiliate or promote information that I don't support 100%. This is the real deal my friends. Bonnie taught me how to use Ai so much easier and have a beautiful workflow. She also speaks of focus, doing one thing a day and overcoming overwhelm.

The class is called: Create a Career in Surface Pattern Design, and it's FREE!!!

In this 4-part video series, Bonnie will be sharing:

  • How to craft a career (and life!) you love in surface pattern design

  • The essential stages to becoming a designer

  • Mapping out your personalized road to success

  • Creating income as an artist and adding multiple streams of revenue

If you'd like to register for the FREE Mini Class, you can do so right here:


Please let me know if you are interested in learning about how to write and draw quilt and doll patterns. I am going to support Bonnie's IMMERSION course with a special BONUS of hands on teaching how to use these skills for pattern writing. In addition, I will be offering a private Facebook Group for my BONUS community so I can support you as we dive deep into all these creative topics! I hope you can join me on this creative adventure! HERE