Thank you for your interest in my “October’s Lair MINI” Quilt Pattern.  I am so honored that this design has inspired you and I am looking forward to seeing your finished quilt!  I wanted to design a Halloween Quilt that was quick and easy to sew up because Halloween is such a short decorating season! Something fun, but not too spooky, and a quilt that would showcase all those fun Halloween prints we all have stashed!
This Halloween Quilt is a traditional tumbler quilt - with a TWIST!!! The color blocking on the tumblers make them look like "coffins" while still having that elegant feel of tradition…  I can’t wait to see your October’s Lair MINI quilt!!!  

“I am so glad we live in a world, where there are Octobers!”
-    Anne of Green Gables

October's Lair - MINI Quilt

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