Be A Mermaid Quilt Pattern is a fun, unique and whimsical pattern that could transform it's owner into a real MERMAID!  When you lay down under this quilt - YOU become the mermaid!  This PDF quilt pattern is a fantastic scap buster.  You can choose to make the whole quilt scappy in the appropriate color ways, or just sections (like the tail) or all in solids!!!  Once you have all your triangles cut, this quilt will sew together quickly and the finished top is striking!  I cant' wait to see how you turn the people you love in your life - into mermaids!!!


This quilt pattern is 63" x 90" and fits a single bed wonderfully!


"Always be yourself - unless you can be a mermaid.  Then always be a mermaid!"

Be A Mermaid Quilt Pattern

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