The Floral Wrap is an Embroidery Machine Pattern.   It is an IN-THE-HOOP project to make a floral stitched wrap skirt or shawl that will fit any Bee Sew Inspired Doll!  The Floral Wrap is made all in one hooping and comes in 3 different hoop sizes.  5x7, 6x10 or 8x12.   The wrap has delicate floral stitching details that match the  stitching details on the swim cap for the Bee Sew Inspired - Beach Day Doll.  The ribbons and backing are all attached in-the-hoop!    

Doll Pattern Sold Separately.

A day at the beach is never lost time.  When the warm sand squishes between your toes, and the waves hit the shore… we KNOW we are in the right place!  .  I am looking forward to seeing your finished wraps!

“Every day should be a beach day!”

All patterns are drawn, designed, digitized and written by Jennifer Long of Bee Sew Inspired.  They have been tested by a team of beginner, intermediate and advanced sewists.  If you would like to learn more about the art of Modern Rag Doll making, please join our FREE educational Facebook group "INSPIRED DOLL MAKING"

I am so excited to see your finished Doll!  Please make sure you message or tag me with your photos!  I would love to share!

Floral Wrap - Embroidery Machine Pattern

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