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Welcome to the Bee Sew Inspired Shop

Quilt Patterns

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quiltAsset 30@2x.png
quiltAsset 31@2x.png
quiltAsset 32@2x.png
quiltAsset 33@2x.png

Doll Patterns - Embroidery Machine

ME peopleAsset 15.png
ME peopleAsset 16.png
ME peopleAsset 17.png
ME peopleAsset 18.png
ME peopleAsset 19.png

Doll Patterns - Sewing & Hand Embroidery Patterns

sewingAsset 34@2x.png
sewingAsset 35@2x.png
sewingAsset 36@2x.png
sewingAsset 37@2x.png
sewingAsset 38@2x.png

Doll Clothing & Accessory Patterns

accessoriesAsset 39@2x.png
accessoriesAsset 40@2x.png
accessoriesAsset 41@2x.png

Felt Doll Patterns

FELTAsset 51@2x.png
FELTAsset 52@2x.png

Machine Embroidery Patterns

MEAsset 44@2x.png
MEAsset 45@2x.png
MEAsset 46@2x.png
MEAsset 47@2x.png

Other Fun Stuff

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MEAsset 49@2x.png
MEAsset 50@2x.png

Monthly Pattern Club

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Modern Rag Doll Membership